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The primary purpose of this section of the site is to provide a platform for documenting, and making freely available, the .Net package ('swsom') I created for wrapping the CT Summation API (aka Scripting Object Model) found in the iBlaze and Enterprise products. The Scripting Object Model isn't directly available via WebBlaze but much of what affects the iBlaze/Enterprise system on the back-end will essentially propagate through to WebBlaze.

Over here is a brief description of the VB.Net code along with a link to the location from which a .zip can be downloaded. Related to that is a general overview of the project. Both of those pages have links at the top that get you to documentation on general usage of the individual objects. If you are unfamiliar with the overall structure of the object model in Summation, this diagram, which is specific to the swom wrapper, should prove helpful.

Please note that the current version of swsom is 1.1. The Optional parameters that were present in some Subs and Functions in the original 1.0 version have been removed, replaced in functionality by overloaded versions of those same procedures.

NOTE: There is no official relationship between CT Summation any of the code or information available on this website.

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After the wrapper was finished, I created a couple of small ClickOnce applications ('swapps') that demonstrate the advantages of being able to leverage the Summation API through C# and VB.Net. A brief description of each, along with further links to usage, technical info and the actual download pages has been gathered here.

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Then I added some other info that could be of help in a litigation or practice support setting. One page describes the AutoHotKey application and some productivity-enhancing steps that can be done with it. There are also a couple of UltraEdit wordfiles available that provide syntax highlighting for Summation scripts and Concordance CPL programs - see UltraEdit wordfiles for details and a link to the download page.