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SDLC VS 2010 Coded UI Test Coded UI Test and Fitnesse MSBuild 4.0 MSBuild and IronPython MSBuild and IronPython - TFS checkins MSBuild and IronPython - Custom SQL Data

Four Visual Studio 2010 articles currently:

Coded UI Test

A walkabout through the new Coded UI feature in Visual Studio 2010, wandering hither and yon amongst controls, code and configurations.

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Coded UI Test and Fitnesse

Describes one possibility for enabling low-level integration between Coded UI Test and Fitnesse.

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MSBuild 4.0

MSBuild 4.0 walkabout discussing custom Tasks in the new version of MSBuild. Includes accessing a custom MSBuild activity from the new Windows Workflow presentation of Team Foundation Build, as well as writing a C# Task entirely Inline, without any source binary dependencies.

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MSBuild and IronPython

MSBuild 4.0 brings the ability to write tasks inline and I discuss a solution that allows for writing these tasks in Python/IronPython. Includes download link to source code and several usage examples.

+ more PythonClassFactory examples: